would you like to introduce your products to the japanese market?

Distribution channels


We introduce the products to Japanese customers like import companies, wholesalers, department stores, food specialty shops, supermarket chains, etc., and research who have interest in or need your products. Then, we provide you a list of targeted customers.

There are a few distribution channels for the imported products to reach the final consumption stage. It depends on the product features and balance of the buying power among your company (manufacturer or supplier), the importer, the distributor (wholesaler and retailer) and the consumer.

We choose the most appropriate one from below four channel strategies.

1. Intensive channel:

  • To introduce the product to multi-stage and at many places simultaneously.

2. Selective channel:

  • To select a channel based on a standard

3. Exclusive channel:

  • To sell the product to a selected, sole distributor

4. Direct channel:

  • To distribute the product to a consumer by mail-order and home-selling
channel strategies

Generally speaking, in the market, resellers research customers and distribution channels beforehand, then, they try to buy the best, attractive product, which matches the customer needs. This kind of product control is strictly performed.

As far as the retail business concerned, in addition to the plan for the range of products, the retailing mix of price strategy, promotion strategy, and store strategy is developed from view point of retail marketing. If you had a look, you would recognize that purchasing, product control and selling activity are proceeded simultaneously when a new product is being introduced.