would you like to introduce your products to the japanese market?

Target customer


We build and suggest strategies for each company to you. At this stage, we ask you for your detailed opinions and comments to map out appropriate strategies, which comply with your management principles.

We should make a suitable strategy depending on what the targeted customer is categorized, distributor, retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.

1. In case of a retailer

  • The assortment planning means to consider lineup of goods, scrambled merchandising, branding strategy and inventory management.
  • As the price strategy, there are cost reduction, markup plan, price mix and price change.
  • The promotion strategy includes customer organization, attracting more customers, brochures, direct mailing and POP promotion.
  • The store planning includes creating an attractive sales floor, rearrangement of the shelf, rationalization of administrations, and countermeasures for competitors.

2. In case of a wholesaler

  • As the merchandising strategy, there are demand adjustment, financial function, and risk taking.
  • Logistic strategies include transportation, storage, distribution processing, logistic system and exchange of information.
  • Retail supporting strategies mean EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), EOS, POS assistance, support in product range and lay-out, advice on management and provision of information.
  • As the logistic network strategies, there are circling, grouping, and establishment of information base.

3. In case of a manufacturer

  • As the product strategies, we consider market segmentation, development of a new product and design, guarantee and return of goods.
  • As the price strategies, we think about an appropriate price for the market, discount, allowance, payment term and credit granting.
  • As the promotion strategies, we plan sales promotion, advertisement, PR (Public Relations), and DM (Direct Mail).
  • As the place (channel) strategies, we make a plan for the marketing route, transportation and logistics network.
We plan all these strategies based on the clarification of the targeted market, and our final objective is to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction (CS).