would you like to introduce your products to the japanese market?

Supporting procedures


Please let us know your products that you want to introduce into the Japanese market

specifics in this stage

We introduce the products to Japanese customers like import companies, wholesalers, department stores, food specialty shops, supermarket chains, etc., and research who have interest in or need your products. Then, we provide you a list of targeted customers.

specifics in this stage

We rank targeted companies, analyzing the company size, the competitive power, the extent of the demand, etc.


We approach positively each company in the order of priority of the ranking. Then, we inform you the contact information, comments, requirements, etc. of the company.


We build and suggest strategies for each company to you. At this stage, we ask you for your detailed opinions and comments to map out appropriate strategies, which comply with your management principles.

specifics in this stage

We help to close a business contact between your company and a Japanese company. Then, we receive the first order from your customer in place of you.


We continuously support you as your agent like receiving additional orders, shipment instructions, troubleshooting, and so on.