would you like to introduce your products to the japanese market?


We are a professional company to coordinate and introduce the overseas foods makers' products into Japanese Import Companies, Retailers, Department Stores, Specialty Shops, High Class Supermarket chains, and so on.

You have experienced to exhibit your products at the domestic and overseas exhibitions, haven't you? How was the result?
We would like you to study once again how effective those exhibitions were. Were you satisfied with the cost performance?
Of course, you were able to build business relationships with various customers there. However, you have spent significant amounts on costs like exhibition, personnel affairs, transportation and others.

In stead of those exhibitions, we would be confident in serving much better way to get new customers and expand your business in Japan in regards to not only quality service but also cost efficiency.

If you have a plan to introduce your own products to the Japanese market, leave all works to us.
First, we would find and introduce ideal customers for your products, who could become your business partners in Japan.
Second, we would help you to develop your products in the Japanese market to expand the share. Thus, we support you totally like introducing, expanding and developing your products in Japan.